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Here at Off Trail Travel, we know adventure travel! We've visited all seven continents. We've stood atop the highest peaks in Europe, Africa, and Australia. We've explored the underwater world at one of Jacques Cousteau's top 10 scuba dive sites in the world. We've completed first ascents of peaks in Antarctica. We've ridden camels and horses and done month-long treks all over the world. We've even been swimming with whale sharks in the Philippines. We know adventure travel and we want to help you live out your adventure travel dream too! Where do you dream of going?


Are you an Adventurer?


An adventurer is looking for a different kind of travel experience. Not content with just laying on the beach or playing shuffle board on a cruise ship, an adventurer is looking for unique experiences in interesting places. Your idea of a vacation may be trekking in Nepal, a camel safari in Mongolia, a visit to Antarctica on an icebreaker, or any number of unique adventures that immerses you in the history, geography, and culture of faraway places.


If this sounds like your kind of vacation, then let us help you plan your next adventure. Our trip database has over 70,000 trips from 1,800 tour operators, across 164 countries. Tell us what kind of adventure you're looking for. We will find trip possibilities to meet your destination and budget requirements. And we'll help you fulfill your travel dream by assisting every step of the way: we'll help you obtain the necessary visas, find out what immunizations are needed, arrange airport transfers, and answer any other questions that you may have.


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