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Travel Clothing:


ExOfficio makes some of the best adventure travel clothes around. If it says it's fast drying, it's fast drying! They have clothing, footwear and gear and a page on their website where you can search for the perfect product based on the specific adventure activities you will be enjoying on your trip. Click the image below to visit their website.


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Maps and Travel Guides:


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Recommended Reading:


One great way we've found to enhance the adventure travel experience is to either read books about the area, history, people, and cultures before you begin your trip or while on your trip (there's bound to be good hours for reading on the flight to/from your destination or in the evenings). Longitude Books is a unique website because they cater to adventure travelers. Just visit their website and input your destination and they will generate a recommended reading list for your specific adventure travel destination. Click the image below to visit their website.


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Consumer Electronics to Document your Trip:


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