Passports and Visas


A valid U S Passport is now required for all international travel (even Mexico and Canada). It is a good idea to get your passport renewed if it expires within six months before the start of your adventure trip. Many countries will not grant a visa for a passport that expires within six months. You should also renew if your passport has less than three blank visa pages.


Off Trail Travel can help find out if a visa is required for your trip. We can also provide information on the requirements for obtaining a visa in the country(s) you will be visiting (every country is different) and give you a list of visa service companies that can help take the guess work and hassles out of visa applications.



Passport and Visa Service Companies: link Click here to get your passport or visa!

Off Trail Travel Endorsement:

For our 2011 trip to Kamchatka, all 11 group members used VisaHQ to obtain the necessary Russian Visa. Everyone raved about how easy they were to deal with! We highly recommend their services.